Famous Five 13 five go to mystery moor

‘We’ve been here a week and I’ve been bored every single minute!’ said George. ‘You haven’t,’ said Anne. ‘You’ve enjoyed all the rides we’ve had, and you know you’ve enjoyed messing about the stables when we haven’t been out riding.’ ‘I tell you, I’ve been bored every single minute,’ said George, quite fiercely. ‘I ought to know, oughtn’t I? That awful girl Henrietta too. Why do we have to put up with her?’ ‘Oh - Henry!’ said Anne, with a laugh. ‘I should have thought you’d find a lot in common with another girl like yourself, who would rather be a boy, and tries to act like one!’ The two girls were lying by a haystack eating sandwiches. Round them in a field were many horses, most of which the girls either rode or looked after. Some way off was an old rambling building, and by the front entrance was a great board.