Famous Five 17 five get into a fix

I do think these Christmas holidays have been the worst we’ve ever had,” said Dick. “Jolly bad luck on old George, coming to stay with us for Christmas - and then us all going down with those awful colds and coughs,” said Julian. “Yes - and being in bed on Christmas Day was horrible,” said George. “The worst of it was I coulcln’t eat anything. Fancy not being hungry on Christmas Day! I never thought that would happen to me!” “Timmy was the only one of us who didn’t get ill,” said Anne, patting him. “You were a pet, Tim, when we were in bed. You divided your time between us nicely.” “Woof!” said Timmy, rather solemnly. He hadn’t been at all happy this Christmas. To have four of the five in bed, coughing and sneezing, was quite unheard of! “Well, anyhow, we’re all up again,” said Dick. “Though my legs don’t really feel as if they belong to me yet!” “Oh - do yours feel like that too?” asked George. “I was quite worried about mine!” “We all feel the same,” said Julian, “but we shall be quite diferent in a day or two - now we’re up. Anyway - we go back to school next week - so we’d better feel all right!”