Five Go Off To Camp

Two jolly fine tents, four groundsheets, four sleeping-bags—I say, what about Timmy? Isn’t he going to have a sleeping-bag, too?” said Dick, with a grin. The other three children laughed, and Timmy, the dog, thumped his tail hard on the ground. “Look at him,” said George. “He’s laughing, too! He’s got his mouth stretched wide open.” They all looked at Timmy. He really did look as if a wide grin stretched his hairy mouth from side to side. “He’s a darling,” said Anne, hugging him. “Best dog in the world, aren’t you, Timmy?” “Woof!” said Timmy, agreeing. He gave Anne a wet lick on her nose. The four children, Julian, tall and strong for his age, Dick, George and Anne were busy planning a camping holiday. George was a girl, not a boy, but she would never answer to her real name, Georgina. With her freckled face and short, curly hair she really did look more like a boy than a girl.