Azure Devops

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. It means Dev + Ops = DevOps. It is a culture which automates systems and improves and accelerates delivery to the client in a repeated manner. It’s basically a collaboration between the Development team and the Operations team for serving up a better quality application. It is a culture for continuous integration and continuous delivery where we make the automated build system as well as automated deployment system. In other words, DevOps is practice collaboration between Development and Operations from the planning of a project to deployment on production. It involves the complete SDLC life cycle as well as monitoring.

It is a group of people, processes and tools. It basically brings two or more different teams, like development and operations, together with a well-defined process, using some great tools for automatic software delivery to the client. It is also a set of practices which are used by the DevOps teams to speed up quality delivery. There are different kinds of tools or sets of tools which are used in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) where it performs restoring the code, building the processes, executing the test cases, and deploying on the stage environment, etc.