Jake Bernstein Stock Market Strategies That Work

Let’s begin by understanding a few important concepts. This chapter will introduce you to several of the essential ideas. We will then build on the basics to give you the tools and skills you need to invest profitably. But before we do that, let’s establish a few facts that are vital to your effective use of the lessons you will learn in this book. Some of you may not agree with our conclusions. In fact, some of you may take offense at what we say. If this is the case, then please accept our apologies in advance. Remember that this book approaches the topic of making money in stocks from the practical point of view.

We aren’t going to bore you with scholarly arguments or economic theory. We’re simply going to tell things to you the way we see them (which is the way we think things really are). In so doing we will undoubtedly make a few enemies and alienate a number of people within the stock market community. But we do not do so intentionally. We merely believe that every industry has its vested interests and groups of individuals or organizations that want to keep information from being disseminated to the general public. In stating things as we see them, we will open the doors to success for those who have the motivation and persistence to cross the threshold of knowledge.