Learn To Earn Peter Lynch

Home economics we teach: how to sew, how to cook a turkey, even how to stick to a budget and balance a checkbook. What’s often left out is how saving money from an early age is the key to future prosperity, how investing that money in stocks is the best move a person can make, next to owning a house, and how the earlier you start saving and investing in stocks, the better you’ll do in the long run.

Patriotism we teach, but we talk more about armies and wars, politics and government, than we do about the millions of businesses, large and small, that are the key to our prosperity and our strength as a nation. Without investors to provide the money to start new companies that hire new workers, or to help older companies grow bigger, become more efficient, and pay higher wages,the world as we know it would collapse and there’d be no jobs for anybody and the United States would be out of luck.