A Beginners Guide To Short Term Trading

Once you learn the principles of short-term trading, defined in this book as swing and position trading, you can make the most amount of money with the least amount of time and risk!

  • If you. day trade, you can make quick profits; however, during market hours, you have to stay glued to your computer screen. You must cultivate the concentration level of a rocket scientist, and the bladder of a camel.

  • The traditional investing stance of “buy-and-hold’” has lost much of its sanctity. With a few exceptions, gone are the days when you could buy a national icon ofAmerican industry and rest secure in the knowledge that it would pay for your offspring’s college education, or your retirement condo in Florida.

  • When executed properly, the styles known as swing trading (intended hold,two to five days) and position trading (intended hold, four to eight weeks) can deliver the juiciest gains with the least amount of risk.