IIMA Day To Day Economics

Have you been wondering why food prices have skyrocketed in the past few years? When you were planning to secure a loan to buy a car, a home, or a piece of machinery for your business, didn’t your friends or business colleagues tell you to wait, for interest rates on loans were expected to fall? And, till only a few years ago, industries were laying off workers the world over. India was no exception. Did you wonder why some of your acquaintances who had just graduated then were finding it difficult to get a job with a decent remuneration? And, later, even when things began to look much better for you and your acquaintances, you may still have occasionally asked yourself while waiting at a traffic light: Why does a kid in ragged clothes still have to knock on your car window and beg you to buy balloons for a pittance?

In one’s role as a homemaker or a breadwinner, a student or a professional, a businessperson or an employee, one seeks answers to these and many other economic questions. If you are one such person with an inquiring mind, this book is for you. You will find it interesting because it discusses the economic environment that is so intricately linked with the managing of everyday business decisions, both of households and firms.