Vedic Symbol

This sacred hymn of the Yajurveda is a swastiv³cana - a prayer, an ardent aspiration, for the highest good and wellbeing of all beings, of everything, of the whole universe…. Heart-felt chanting of this hymn is an integral part of initiating every religious sacrament or important familial ceremony in the vedic cultural rituals. It conveys the core meaning hidden in the vedic symbol of swastika. The term swastika emanates from the Sanskrit word swasti = su (good) + asti(being).

As a symbol, swastika is a line-design invented by the vedic sages. Its specific geometry is believed to have some relation with certain natural energy fields. It is drawn as a cross with equal arms when all the arms are continued as far again at right angles clockwise. The sublime effects, in terms of the cosmic energy currents superimposed in the unique pattern of swastika, correspond to what the swastika symbolizes – auspiciousness, wellbeing.