Yoga Institute 21 Ways to Remain Positive during a Lockdown

The first duty that you owe is towards yourself. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love another person or anything else. Self-love is important to living well. Practice good self-care too. Take care of yourself first. You cannot pour from an empty cup. If you want to be happy, then start with yourself. No matter how difficult or tough the external situations may get and no matter how people behave, if you know your true self and love yourself, no external situation can affect or break you.

For your own mental and emotional well-being, it is important to listen to your inner voice and direct all your energy towards loving yourself. Now is a good time to slow down and take a step inwards and be kind to yourself. Radiate positive and good energy at all times. Take responsibility for yourself and stop playing the victim. Become your own hero. In order to be a strong person, the first quality is self-love. However, self-love is a journey in itself. So, begin today and take one day at a time. And no matter how things unfold, be kind to yourself at all times.