How To Sleep Well

Many of us have a problem with everyday poor sleep, low‐grade exhaustion, and sleepiness during the day that most of us experience on a more or less regular basis. A few years ago, I coined the word ‘semisomnia’ to describe the phenomena but alas it never really caught on.

To illustrate this point, honestly answer the question ‘how do you feel during the day on a scale of 0 to 10?’, where 0 is that you have an irresistible desire to fall asleep and 10 you are the most awake you have ever been. Now I can pretty much bet that none of you are a 10, but what is perhaps more worrying is that I also doubt that many of you are a 9 or 8. I know some of you think you are very awake but that is probably because you have fooled yourself into believing this in order to get you through the day. Honestly look at how you feel, is this really the best you could be, if so I would suggest a lifestyle change!