Famous Five 18 five on finniston farm

Phew!’ said Julian, mopping his wet forehead; ‘What a day! Let’s go and live at the Equator - it would be cool compared to this!’ He stood leaning on his bicycle, out of breath with a long steep ride up a hill. Dick grinned at him. ‘You’re out of training, Ju!’ he said. ‘Let’s sit down for a bit and look at the view. We’re pretty high up!’ They leaned their bicycles against a nearby gate and sat down, their backs against the lower bars. Below them spread the Dorset countryside, shimmering in the heat of the day, the distance almost lost in a blue haze. A small breeze came wandering round, and Julian sighed in relief. ‘I’d never have come on this biking trip if I’d guessed it was going to be as hot as this!’ he said. ‘Good thing Anne didn’t come - she’d have given up the first day.’ ‘George wouldn’t have minded,’ said Dick. ‘She’s game enough for anything.’