Famous Five 21 Five are together again

George, can’t you sit still for even a minute!’ said Julian. ‘It’s bad enough to have the train rocking about all over the place, without you falling over my feet all the time, going to look out of first one window and then the other.’ ‘Well, we’re nearly at Kirrin - almost home!’ said George. ‘I can’t help feeling excited. I’ve missed old Timmy so much this term, and I just can’t wait to see him! I love to look out of the window and see how much nearer we are to Kirrin. Do you think Timmy will be on the station to meet us, barking madly?’ ‘Don’t be an ass,’ said Dick. ‘He’s a clever dog, but not clever enough to read railway time-tables.’ ‘He doesn’t need to,’ said George. ‘He always knows when I’m coming home.’ ‘I really believe he does,’ said Anne, seriously. ‘Your mother always says how excited he is on the day you are arriving home from school - can’t keep still - keeps going to the front gate and looking down the road.’